4 Week Kickstart Challenge

The Problems you have right now.
You might be a busy working mum with little time for yourself. From the moment you wake up you are on the go and there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything.

You realize if you lose some weight and maintain it, your health and happiness will be uplifted. It will improve your energy levels, help you sleep better and reduce stress. Until now you have thought that the time and effort involved in starting a new lifestyle will just be to much time and effort.

How this programme can help you.
Our 4 week kickstart challenge will help you to become motivated and get you started on a new positive and healthy lifestyle journey that will result in a healthier and happier you. There is no need to do all the physical activity and exercise on your own which could be boring, time consuming or frustrating.

The core and most important part of this programme is the psychological aspect. You will learn how to replace your bad habits with healthy ones which will be easier to maintain in the future. The physical activity and fitness element is complimented by a wholesome balanced diet that will aid you in losing weight at a pace that is healthy and sustainable.

By doing this programme you will not just lose weight. You will also have the knowledge and tools needed to sustain and keep this change of lifestyle alive forever.

Included in this plan:
  • 3 Group sessions per week
  • Support from a Mindset coach
  • Daily nutrition goals
  • Weekly Check ins
  • Monthly Weight, Height and Body measurements taken.
  • Monthly Photos
  • Mindset High Protein recipe book
  • Mindset Summer Salad recipe book
  • Mindset High Protein snack book
  • Mindset Bootcamp Nutrition video series on the following topics which is designed to help you even further to ingrain some of the most important stuff, which will set you up for even further success!
  1. Behaviour Change
  2. Getting your nutrition set up for life
  3. Health Nutrition
  4. Meal Planning made easy
  5. Diet Types
  6. Optimise your training
  7. Get what you want from your nutrition
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