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Why you should join us and not a gym
Welcome to Mindset Body Transformations. We are a group of female personal trainers whose mission is to transform as many women’s lives as possible by helping them to break down the barriers that have stood in the way in the past of them becoming fit and healthy. We understand that walking into a gym can be scary and feel intimidating especially if you’re not comfortable about how you look. Unfortunately, this is what stops a lot of women from getting started on their weight loss journey. You may have said to yourself: “I just want to lose a bit of weight before I join the gym” which is crazy, right?! You think you have to have a certain level of fitness or look a certain way before you can even step into the gym. This is one of the reasons I started Mindset Bootcamp to create a place where women can come and feel completely comfortable, and then leave looking forward to their next session. We want to show you that any one of us can achieve our fitness and weight loss goal with the right support, advice, and encouragement. We believe that when you feel good on the inside, you will look good on the outside.
It is our mission to make women feel fantastic about themselves. We want you to realise that you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on weight lose supplements, fad diets or pricey gym memberships nor do you need to be doing hours of boring cardio. We have carefully thought about what our clients need from their fitness provider and asked our existing members what they love about our sessions so much and what keeps them coming back.
The top 3 things were
  • The community from the moment you have your first conversation with your coach to turning up for that first session the coaches and the other woman in the group are amazing. So friendly and welcoming and the support you receive from both is second to none. You feel like part of a big crazy family.
  • All our sessions are FUN! We guarantee you will exercise your face as much as your body as there is so much laughter in our sessions
  • We get results, You only have to look around at the other members to see how far they have come. With ladies crushing their weight loss and fitness goals we have lost over 100kg between us in the last 12 months. With some of our members losing 4 stone in their first year with us and still going strong. We have ladies who have never been able to run completing 5 – 10ks and some of them may not as fit as they are but let me tell you your weight on the scale does not determine your fitness . In fact the weight on the scale is just one measurement and we really try to shift our members mindset away from the scale because the scale only tells part of the story.
At mindset studio we use a Precise measurement device called Inbody which can measure precisely how much muscle you have and how much fat you have this is what really counts when it comes to getting fit, lean and toned . A fit and toned physique weighing 75kg will look better naked than a 75kg body that has just been living on a restricted dieting and doing boring cardio. How often do you look at a runner and think of I wish I had a figure like her.? Many people have been led to believe that your fitness is only determined by the amount of miles you have run or the amount of weights you have lifted. The truth is that for most people, the best way to achieve that level of fitness is through a combination of weight lifting, cardio and a healthy balanced diet. Here at Mindset Body Transformations we have come up with a winning formula that is guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life. No scary machines or long boring cardio sessions. All our sessions are designed to hit all the major muscle groups at an intensity that will get your body burning calories long after you have finished your workout meaning you don’t have to spend hours exercising.

We believe you should get the best out of every session and leave feeling on a high. Nothing feels better than the endorphins released during exercise so if your struggle if with your mental health as well as your physical health come and join our community of likeminded woman and we guarantee your be feeling like a new woman in no time.

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