One to one Personal Training

The Problems you have right now.
Maybe you have lost your motivation to go to the gym or do online workouts at home. Or maybe you’ve never done any exercise? It is a tough place to be in. You know you should do something, but it’s hard to find the motivation to do anything about it. You are not confident enough to take part in group exercise yet. You would like to learn how to exercise safely and effectively and you need to be encouraged and pushed to get the most out of your sessions because you won’t push yourself hard enough on your own.

You need help with your diet. You want to understand what you should be eating and why. What you need is a simple, but effective food plan which gives you the freedom to enjoy the foods you love but keeps you on track towards your goal.

How Personal Training can help you
It is very common to feel self-conscious before joining a gym. Many women feel embarrassed exercising in public initially, which by the way, you shouldn’t. If this sounds like you then personal training is what you’re looking for. You will learn how to do exercises safely and effectively with the help and support of one of our amazing female personal trainers.

We can even give you a program to follow at home (if you want), to work alongside your personal training sessions here at our beautiful studio. We will set you up a nutritional plan that will get you to your goals and check in with you to review your progress every week. At the end of each month, we will sit down together to review how the previous month has gone and where you need more support, if any. We will also take new photos and measurements so that you can see the changes in your body for yourself. (Don’t worry the photos are for your eyes only) We encourage this because this is where you will really see the transformation in your body. A lot of people focus on the scales and forget about other factors such as clothing size and body shape. Muscle weighs more than fat which is why your weight should not be the only focus We encourage our clients to celebrate the physical changes they see in the mirror and the health benefits they feel within themselves and not just the number they see on the scale.

Exercising regularly is so beneficial for your mental health. It helps us manage stress and all the other things that bring with it. Having a consistent routine is also important for our health, so we will get you motivated and show you how to maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

Included in this plan:
  • 1, 2 or 3 Personal training sessions – Plan built to your budget
  • Nutrition support from a Mindset Coach
  • 1 x Inbody Scan detailing your body composition. This is a hospital grade piece of equipment and provides a accurate reading for you to really understand what your body is made up off. We will used this to measure your progress while you work with us. For more info on our INBODY SCALES Watch this short video
  • Daily calorie, protein goals
  • Monthly Weight, height and body measurements taken.
  • Monthly Photos
  • Weekly Check ins
  • Mindset High Protein recipe book
  • Mindset Summer Salad recipe book
  • Mindset high protein snack book
  • Mindset Eating out Guide.
  • 50% off Mindset Bootcamp Nutrition 8-part video
  1. Behaviour Change
  2. Getting your nutrition set up for life.
  3. Health Nutrition
  4. Meal Planning made easy.
  5. Diet Types
  6. Optimise your training.
  7. Get what you want from your nutrition.
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