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Stacey 47 Southampton

Hayley 40 Southampton


I wanted to try a different approach to losing weight because I wanted to feel fitter as well as slimmer.

Approaching fifty, I realised I needed to make some real sustainable lifestyle changes before my health started to take a toll. When I found Mindset Bootcamp in July 2020, I was sceptical at first because it was so different to anything I’d done before, but I was bowled over by Carrie’s incredibly inclusive, fun and personal approach to my own goals and habits, as well as incorporating me into the group.

I’ve used Slimming World and Weight Watchers on and off for many years. These programmes are good for those new to dieting and looking for guidance and support, but I found I would lose a stone or two and then lose interest after a few months, putting all the weight I lost back on, and more. As a result, the weight has crept on over the years. I like my food, and I love to cook, and these diets made me feel restricted and to look at different foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad’, which is even worse when the ‘good’ foods are often processed or high in sugar and the ‘bad’ foods are often healthy fats. Mindset’s approach is research-informed and focuses on nutrition alongside exercise. I find myself finally able to enjoy all foods again without guilt because I can enjoy healthier versions of my favourite recipes with Carrie’s help to learn about how food fuels our bodies.

Having a sedentary job, I haven’t regularly exercised during my adult life, and have wasted hundreds on unused gym memberships. I love walking and swimming but have been embarrassed by my size in the past to take up any vigorous exercise like running or HIIT. With Mindset, workouts are varied and so much fun that they don’t feel like a chore. As a group, we have all had similar experiences with our relationship to dieting, and so we bond together and have a real laugh during group exercises without any judgement or embarrassment. During lockdown, we have combined Zoom exercises with socially distanced group exercises in the park, my favourite workout being Carrie’s fit-boxing – I’ve even installed a punchbag in the conservatory! We have a real laugh while getting a good old sweat on. Last week I hit an incredible milestone of running a 5k without stopping to walk – this was such a big achievement for me.

I’ve been consistently motivated on my weight loss/fitness journey with Mindset because of Carrie’s fun approach and dedicated support – she’s only ever a Whatsapp message away. I’ve made some great friends and feel fantastic in myself again. So far I’ve lost 53lb (nearly 4 stone, 20% of my bodyweight), 27.5 inches and dropped two dress sizes, and counting. I couldn’t recommend Mindset enough for anyone like me who is looking for a genuine, sustainable lifestyle change to feel happier and healthier both physically and mentally.

Tracey 48 Southampton – Online client

I joined Mindset Bootcamp in August 2020 weighing 82kg. For many years I had been very unhappy with my weight and body image. I knew that I needed to stop over eating and exercise but lacked the motivation and willpower to do it on my own. A friend suggested Carrie’s group. So I took the first step, made the phone call and attended a trial session. I LOVED IT! Everyone was friendly and I didn’t feel self conscious as we were all in the same boat. Initially I attended the bootcamp sessions in the park with Carries watchful eye checking my daily calories, protein and steps. Just what I needed, some accountability! With Carrie’s help my mindset around food and exercise had changed.

I left Bootcamp for a while as the Covid situation worsened, knowing I now had the skills and enthusiasm to keep going. I kept loosing the weight and felt healthier but then weight loss plateaued around Christmas so I gave Carrie a call. She now had an extensive range of online live and recorded exercise classes. Perfect! So again, with Carrie’s daily check-ins, access to as many classes as I wanted, the weight started to shift again. I’m now attending 3 classes a week and particularly enjoy the strength training. I feel so much happier with my body image. I now buy clothes that fit rather than hide my body. I’m healthier, fitter and more active at 48 than I’ve ever been. My weight is now 66kg (May 2021) and I’m close to my target weight. I tried a pair of size 12 jeans on today and they fit! That’s not the end though! I’ll still continue with online exercise classes (its easier to fit in with work and family) and healthier eating. During this past year I have not been on a diet but, with Carrie’s help, changed my mindset around food and exercise. I really couldn’t of made the change without her. You can do it too. You just need to make that first phone call.

Laura 42 Southampton

joined Mindset Bootcamp three months ago. I have lost weight and feel so much better for it both mentally and physically. I am much fitter and am actually enjoying exercise, particularly fit-boxing! Carrie has helped me achieve what I have been trying to achieve for some time without success. She has done this by making me accountable and keeping me motivated, she has a realistic and very supportive approach. The goals are achievable and fit into day to day life, hence it works.

The support from the other ladies in my group has also been key and Carrie has done a great job in facilitating this.
I’m thrilled with the results so far. This has been a great focus during lockdown and has changed my mindset and approach for the better.

Thank you Carrie.

Andrea –44 – Online client

I was persuaded to join Mindset Bootcamp by a couple of friends and to be honest I only joined because I wanted to support them. I couldn’t really be bothered to start another ‘thing’ especially one that I had to pay for when I already knew what I should be eating and enjoyed exercise, when I had the time to fit it in! I only intended to do the four week challenge…that was in November!

Here I am now coming to the end of my fourth month and although everyone wants to know how much weight I’ve lost (which is nearly a stone and a half even though it looks like a lot more!) the benefits I will rave about the most are not that! Although I might just add this is the first time in my life I’ve not gained weight over Christmas and I was not deprived of anything I love and I am a real foodie!

I have learned a lot about my habits and how to change these for the better. I am finally doing something sustainable. I am eating more than I normally would when I thought I was being healthy and it doesn’t feel like a diet, it feels like a change for life. Of course my energy levels and mindset have improved immensely but I’ve learned so much about myself and where I’ve gone wrong in the past. My goals are more realistic and therefore more achievable and I’m actually setting them myself. In the past I’ve pressured myself with dates or events and felt like I’ve failed when I’ve not reached them and end up falling back into bad habits or giving up!
Carrie is so knowledgeable but completely down to earth. She takes the time to get to know you and supports you where you need it most. Having to send in screen shots at the end of everyday which focus on steps, calories in and calories out is just what I needed to make me spend some of my time and energy on me. Having someone really check what I’m doing, ask the right questions and explain why some things need to change or kick me up the backside and say what needs to be said is a winning formula for me when it comes to results!

The combination of her knowledge, the accountability submissions and the support group I’m in, are what is working for me. I’ve always loved exercise and there is plenty to chose from and you won’t feel out of your depth as Carrie makes sure she supports and challenges where necessary so no matter what your level of fitness she’s got it covered, in fun workouts with great music!

I feel for the first time I will get to where I’ve always hoped to be, happy healthy and consistently maintaining a life style in which I’m fuelling and nourishing my body to feel great and get the best out of it!
Thank you Carrie!

Jeaneete 56 Southampton

Where do I start? Carrie has been amazing from her Bootcamp sessions to nutritional advice. Must admit I’m never hungry and eat loads! When I started four weeks ago, a skipping rope was a form of torture but now I love it. Burpees and push ups were my worse nightmare but she’s pushed and helped me master all of it. Fit boxing on Saturdays is the best workout ever! Plus I’ve lost over a stone and inches. Highly recommend Mindset Bootcamp. Roll on the next challenge

Emma Southampton

I joined mindset Bootcamp 10 weeks ago and in that time I have met some incredible ladies, who are welcoming, supportive and encouraging. I’ve always taken part in an exercise class or two but never been disciplined enough or taken accountability of what I eat or how often I exercised to see any difference in my body shape or weight. I started this journey weighing 74kg and at the 10 week mark after 2 x 4 week challenges and 2 weeks solo I now weigh 67kg. It hasn’t been easy but I train hard Mon-Fri whilst having fun and I still let my hair down on a weekend with treats and booze. Carrie and the ladies at Mindset Bootcamp have been so involved in my journey and so committed to helping me achieve my goals, it’s been inspiring and my motivation to do well! If you don’t believe me, the photos are evidence enough!!

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